Each company wants to get the best label so it can attract outstanding employees, who are smart, creative and have some ownership approach. It means that every candidate is a high achiever with many bright ideas and an entrepreneur at least during the interview. If you think that you should be the best at all costs, then you are on the wrong path. You should be in your best shape but being best is relative. Here are some ideas to discover your true strength in the field of creativity.

The best you can bring is a passion for your work. Sometimes we believe, sometimes I believe, we never find that passion. But your creativity solves it sooner or later and if you think that’ll never happen in your case, maybe you just don’t know all creative types. So be prepared and don’t give up because it has many forms and you don’t have to be a writer, a painter or content mogul to fly. When you find your strongest characteristics you’ll find the right job and the right approach to solve a problem.

So let’s see some creativity types

  • expressive creativity

If you have this type of character then you could sell two decks as a boat to anybody. Your ideas flow constantly and you every day found the next big invention or the most useless thing in the world. It depends on your surroundings. I’m sure that you may get the yellow characteristics on the DISC test. If you have the right team then you can be a real flying unicorn and bring great inventions but don’t forget the ones who give you limits are not your enemies. They have other kinds of superpowers and help you find really good ideas. The only chance to be outstanding to find the right people with the right limits.

  • productive creativity

You are a real organizer. Every part of the process is predefined and follows the pre-selected path. Every meeting has a cause and every one-on-one is time sufficient. Deadlines decide life or death. You are a real time-juggler but sometimes you should take a breath and miss a deadline or just let it go. When will you know that you have this? How many books did you not read and how many were really poor from that? (The world is not perfect and bad literature not worth it so don’t read it until the end.) If you are a maximalist then your strongest point is productivity.

  • inventive creativity

Your imagination is unlimited. Except for the exact world around you that gives the limits. You can think out of the box with the available resources. You always can turn a bad situation into success by just seeing it from another perspective. Maybe you won’t be Tesla but you can be somebody who can change lives just making it a little bit easier.

  • innovative creativity

Turning something to gold is easy for you. You just add some magic and it will turn into gold again. You won’t be Tesla either but with your plus efforts the world can be a better place and your organization can be at ease. The product that is in your care will never lose its status on the market.

  • emergent creativity

It’s the real entrepreneur. Most of the time you won’t meet in a multicultural environment unless she/he is the CEO. If you meet one and hear a really good idea that connects with you then take part in the journey he/she’ll need your help because it’ll be a tough one. If you are the one, then don’t forget the difference between productive and emergent is the calculation behind it. Emergent knows that it’s innovation productive wants to believe in it.

These character traits aren’t all black and white. Everybody owns part of them, maybe some of us are more adventurous or the big idea comes sooner. It depends on the surroundings, your social connections and life situations. I’m not creative can’t be an excuse for not doing something. Go for the journey and find your own creativity.