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13 02, 2022

So bored – let’s do a new exercise


If we deep dive into the internet, then we find many coaching and training techniques so most of the time you don’t have to find a custom solution. Of course, there are adventurers as me [...]

So bored – let’s do a new exercise2022-02-13T19:53:05+01:00
2 02, 2022

Building a great team from a fine group


The business’ main requirement is delivering the quarterly plan if it’s possible without bugs. Achieving those objectives and key results with seamless delivery and going so smoothly that we just forgot that we are working. [...]

Building a great team from a fine group2022-02-03T09:47:22+01:00
4 01, 2022

Bells, dogs, saliva and feedback


I'm sure that you heard the expression, Pavlovian reflex, before. It's connected to the brain cells that contain bells, dogs, and saliva, but do you ever think about being conditioned like Pavlov's dog? No? [...]

Bells, dogs, saliva and feedback2022-01-04T09:20:59+01:00
18 01, 2021

Gemba Walk in the house


As the leader of a 5 person company, you wear many hats. You are the management, the sales, the technical leader, and sometimes the assistant too. You know how your employees doing their work badly [...]

Gemba Walk in the house2021-01-18T18:08:52+01:00
22 11, 2020

Change management basics


'So next week we throw out our BAU processes and administrative tools, maybe there will be some personal changes too, but don't worry it'll be so much better than before. We'll be productive from [...]

Change management basics2020-11-22T18:44:20+01:00
30 10, 2020

Running from burnout


The workaholic community consists of top-notch sprinters. While winning medals and fame, they never touch any track and field. Then where they run? Mostly, in the burnout circle, trying hard to avoid the finish [...]

Running from burnout2020-10-30T16:52:39+01:00
4 10, 2020

How do you handle your sh.. conflicts?


When we face a conflict we try to run from it as far as we can. The main goal is to get over it and go back to BAU. But did you ever wonder [...]

How do you handle your sh.. conflicts?2020-11-01T17:31:42+01:00
22 09, 2020

Maintaining work zen


Imagine that you are sitting at your desk working. You are in that peculiar state when you are productive. The sun is slightly touching your hand but it just adds to the perfect, not too [...]

Maintaining work zen2020-09-22T17:57:04+01:00
31 03, 2020

Choose your own label


When I think of labeling, the first thing that comes into my mind: That's a really bad habit and I should be more than that label throwing EQ zero kind of human being, but can [...]

Choose your own label2020-03-31T11:48:01+01:00
6 03, 2020

EQ, be the leader not the boss


Be a leader, not the boss is the biggest buzzword of the last few years. The leader who has the right amount of EQ, common ground with customers and subordinates, knows the organization and the [...]

EQ, be the leader not the boss2020-03-06T14:08:39+01:00
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