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How do you handle your sh.. conflicts?


When we face a conflict we try to run from it as far as we can. The main goal is to get over it and go back to BAU. But did you ever wonder

How do you handle your sh.. conflicts?2020-10-04T14:08:13+01:00

Maintaining work zen


Imagine that you are sitting at your desk working. You are in that peculiar state when you are productive. The sun is slightly touching your hand but it just adds to the perfect, not too

Maintaining work zen2020-09-22T17:57:04+01:00

Choose your own label


When I think of labeling, the first thing that comes into my mind: That's a really bad habit and I should be more than that label throwing EQ zero kind of human being, but can

Choose your own label2020-03-31T11:48:01+01:00

EQ, be the leader not the boss


Be a leader, not the boss is the biggest buzzword of the last few years. The leader who has the right amount of EQ, common ground with customers and subordinates, knows the organization and the

EQ, be the leader not the boss2020-03-06T14:08:39+01:00

Burn out is too much cake


Find work-life balance or you'll burn out. As I remember my parents didn't get this DISEASE, as they refer to it nowadays. But as I remember, my parents' goals didn't contain any of being best

Burn out is too much cake2020-02-13T15:06:14+01:00

Successful interview and what’s not


There is two scenario after an interview. You are happy because you aced it or you are frustrated about your failure. In the end, you can be hired or not and that does not depend

Successful interview and what’s not2020-02-06T19:12:48+01:00

Let’s Pomodoro


Have you ever imagined after waking that you go to the bathroom, dress up and work? And after half an hour that you are laying in your pajamas and that was the last call of

Let’s Pomodoro2020-08-06T13:45:31+01:00

Tools for sidework


As a project manager of a middle or small size company I often get some sidequests and have the opportunity to help out in other fields. Uploading content or searching for templates, pictures, inspiration gives

Tools for sidework2020-01-14T19:11:27+01:00

Are you toxic?


Labeling somebody as toxic is very fashionable nowadays. In the last few days, I got every day at least one post with this topic. After reading one I always get the revelation that I’m surely

Are you toxic?2019-12-17T11:28:02+01:00

Are you creative enough?


Each company wants to get the best label so it can attract outstanding employees, who are smart, creative and have some ownership approach. It means that every candidate is a high achiever with many bright

Are you creative enough?2020-08-06T13:42:46+01:00
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