About me

Hi there!

I’m Anett 

… a project manager in IT

… in middle europe.

I like statistics, numbers, new projects, challenges, brand new knowledge, people, long walks and cashews. Oh and don’t forget vanilla coke, cats, hamsters and raccoons.

Before I was a graphic designer, a layout editor, a common assistant and a recruiter too. I can say that I tried myself out in different fields before my 30s and I think this is not the end.

…regarding these (mostly the cat part)

The content of this site will be diverse but mainly HR, selfdevelopment and project management related with some design, UX and what comes into my way. So it will be the collection of my experiences, readings and some useful links.

I hope that you can use what you take from here for the greater good and make brand new mistakes every day.

Have fun and if you’d like to share your thoughts send me a mail!

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