As a kid, I believed that being a maid is the coolest job on earth. Obviously, my parents weren’t too delighted with my way of thinking. As I grew older I chose other professions, mostly on a yearly basis, but my passion for tidying and sorting things never died. After college, the inner peace looked like more important than making order in the outer chaos. After some years on the market, it looked like sometimes everybody needs a helping hand to find that order. My new goal became instead of finding the right place for a vase, finding the right one for people, and slowly turned into making comfortable organizations instead of comfortable homes. Instead of dust, I like searching for skeletons in the closets and I replaced hanging clothes with putting out the human feelings and believes on that rope.

When everything is great is kind of like a spring clean-up. In the end, you just sit next to the window. The sun is shining on you, makes you warm and you feel that everything will be fine when the smell of freshly washed clothes and the cherry blossoms hits your nostrils.

My goal is to help you make your life’s work comfortable for you and for your team and instead of putting those dirty clothes under the bed you could watch those drying clothes on that rope under the warm sun.

Let’s leave frippery behind and turn aspirations into reality!

Time spending

Free time

I’m a reader, a long walker, a traveler, a cat, a hamster and a dog lover, and an artist. The artist part depends on different opinions but you can check my works on this site.


I’m a project manager in IT and a process developer

I like statistics, numbers, challenges, brand new knowledge, and creating order in the chaos.

When I work I love happy people with different opinions, realistic people with different opinions, and just people with different opinions. Basically, if you are enthusiastic about your work I like you.

Before that

I was a graphic designer, a layout editor, recruiter and administrative assistant too


I’m a coach and I’m more than happy to help out with your work-related concerns on a heart-to-heart.

I’m a development enthusiast that wants to make your workplace into a comfortable medium, so you can concentrate on making the world a better place.

How can I add to your improvement?

With individual career coaching

As a coach trainee, I can’t tell you the one big truth and solve your life and if I could that won’t be your life anymore.

The only one who knows what 42 means is you and I’ll be glad to help you during your journey.

If you seek a solution

  • in finding your goals, motivation or a new profession
  • making the perfect CV
  • work-life balance, handling stress and preventing burn-out
  • your performance, time-management
  • any problems in your business life
  • finding new ways

then send me an email and we can search for the right answers together.

    Have fun on the site and if you’d like to share your thoughts send me a mail!