Burn out is too much cake

Find work-life balance or you'll burn out. As I remember my parents didn't get this DISEASE, as they refer to it nowadays. But as I remember, my parents'

Let’s Pomodoro

Have you ever imagined after waking that you go to the bathroom, dress up and work? And after half an hour that you are laying in your pajamas

Tools for sidework

As a project manager of a middle or small size company I often get some sidequests and have the opportunity to help out in other fields. Uploading content

Are you toxic?

Labeling somebody as toxic is very fashionable nowadays. In the last few days, I got every day at least one post with this topic. After reading one I

Recharge your spirit

Visit niceland, hike in the mountains, eat good food, get new experiences and catch your breath for a week. Don’t forget to take your friends too!


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